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Model Nakasendo walking courses

  • Sekigahara-juku – Tarui-juku hiking

    Sekigahara-juku – Tarui-juku hiking

    Follow the Nakasendo road from Sekigahara-juku to Tarui-juku. The road itself is a paved road with little variety, but it is dotted with historic sites that are unique to a highway with a long history. Sekigahara-juku is no longer a post town, as the Nakasendo has become a modern national highway. But once through Sekigahara-juku,…

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  • Akechi Castle ruins from Fushimi-juku

    Akechi Castle ruins from Fushimi-juku

    Not far from Fushimi-juku is Akechi Castle, which is associated with Mitsuhide Akechi, a general of the Warring States period. Course Highlights From Fushimi-juku, take the straight road heading south past Meitetsu Akechi Station. For a while there is a lot of traffic and quite a few restaurants, but after passing the last supermarket, the…

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  • Akasaka – Tarui hiking

    Akasaka – Tarui hiking

    This course takes you around Akasaka-juku and along the Nakasendo Road to Tarui-juku. Although there are no major tourist attractions, it is easy to see that this area is a combination of ancient, medieval, and early modern times. Although the Nakasendo along this route is not a main road, it is all roadway, and you…

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  • Mitake-juku to Fishimi-juku hiking

    Mitake-juku to Fishimi-juku hiking

    This course takes you to Fushimi-juku after walking around Mitake-juku on the Nakasendo Road. The distance is short (about 7 km) and you can walk it in half a day. But be careful if you take a train because the number of trains to Meitetsu Mitake Station is limited. While Mitake-juku retains the appearance of…

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  • Kashiwabara-juku – Imasu-juku – Sekigahara-juku hiking

    Kashiwabara-juku – Imasu-juku – Sekigahara-juku hiking

    This course follows the Nakasendo road from JR Kashiwabara Station, walking through three post towns: Kashiwabara-juku, Imasu-juku, and Sekigahara-juku. The Nakasendo route between these three post towns had been the Tozando Road before the Edo period (1603-1867). This route is highly recommended for those who love history, as it is full of historical sites from…

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  • Nakatsugawa-juku – Oi-juku hiking

    Nakatsugawa-juku – Oi-juku hiking

    Nakatsugawa-Oi hiking course takes you through the center of Nakatsugawa-juku, along the Nakasendo road through rural areas, and to Oi-juku in downtown Ena City. There are no famous shrines, temples, or historic sites along the route. However, the stone Buddha statues scattered along the route and the winding road with its undulations make this course…

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  • Naegi Castle ruins from Nakatsugawa-juku

    Naegi Castle ruins from Nakatsugawa-juku

    The Takamoriyama Fort, the predecessor of Naegi Castle, is said to have been built in the mid-1300s of the Kamakura period, by Toyama Clan, who was the head of the area. Naegi Castle, which has been selected as one of the 100 Fine Castles in Japan, is a mountain castle built by Naokado Toyama in Sengoku period by expanding the Takamoriyama fort. This…

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  • Ochiai-juku (Magome – Nakatugawa hiking)

    Ochiai-juku (Magome – Nakatugawa hiking)

    Magome-Ochiai-Nakatsugawa hiking course starts at Magome-juku on the Nakasendo Highway. It passes through the stone pavement of Ochiai, which retains the atmosphere of the old Nakasendo Highway. And after Ochiai-juku, ends at Nakatsugawa-juku. The course between Tsumago and Magome is very famous and many people walk it, but from Magome-juku to Nakatsugawa-juku is a quieter…

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  • Tsumago-Magome Hiking

    Tsumago-Magome Hiking

    You can enjoy two of famous Nakasendo post towns and a well-preserved old route between Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku. Many parts of the old Nakasendo highway in this section are off tarmac road. Two post towns remind us the traditional atmosphere Nakasendo, making it a popular hiking trail. Physically, it is easier to walk from Magome-juku…

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  • Midono-juku – Tsumago-juku hiking

    Midono-juku – Tsumago-juku hiking

    This trekking course starts from JR Nagiso Station. At first, we visit nearby Midono-juku. And then follows the Nakasendo, and walks to Tsumago-juku. This section of Nakasendo is not very popular but it provides a very pleasant walk. Most of the old Nakasendo highway in this section is paved road. The highlights of the Midono-Tsumago course After leaving…

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