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  • Akechi Castle ruins from Fushimi-juku

    Akechi Castle ruins from Fushimi-juku

    Not far from Fushimi-juku is Akechi Castle, which is associated with Mitsuhide Akechi, a general of the Warring States period. Course Highlights From Fushimi-juku, take the straight road heading south past Meitetsu Akechi Station. For a while there is a lot of traffic and quite a few restaurants, but after passing the last supermarket, the…

  • Mitake-juku to Fishimi-juku hiking

    Mitake-juku to Fishimi-juku hiking

    This course takes you to Fushimi-juku after walking around Mitake-juku on the Nakasendo Road. The distance is short (about 7 km) and you can walk it in half a day. But be careful if you take a train because the number of trains to Meitetsu Mitake Station is limited. While Mitake-juku retains the appearance of…