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  • Magome-juku – Ochiai-juku – Nakatugawa-juku hiking

    Magome-juku – Ochiai-juku – Nakatugawa-juku hiking

    This hiking course starts at Magome-juku on the Nakasendo Highway, passes through the stone pavement of Ochiai, which retains the atmosphere of the old Nakasendo Highway, and after Ochiai-juku, ends at Nakatsugawa-juku. The course between Tsumago and Magome is very famous and many people walk it, but from Magome-juku to Nakatsugawa-juku is a quieter hiking…

  • Tsumago-juku – Magome-juku Hiking

    Tsumago-juku – Magome-juku Hiking

    You can enjoy two of famous Nakasendo post towns and a well-preserved old route between Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku. Many parts of the old Nakasendo highway in this section are off tarmac road. Two post towns remind us the traditional atmosphere Nakasendo, making it a popular hiking trail. Physically, it is easier to walk from Magome-juku…