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  • Sekigahara-juku – Tarui-juku hiking

    Sekigahara-juku – Tarui-juku hiking

    Follow the Nakasendo road from Sekigahara-juku to Tarui-juku. The road itself is a paved road with little variety, but it is dotted with historic sites that are unique to a highway with a long history. Sekigahara-juku is no longer a post town, as the Nakasendo has become a national highway. But once through Sekigahara-juku, an…

  • Kashiwabara-juku – Imasu-juku – Sekigahara-juku hiking

    Kashiwabara-juku – Imasu-juku – Sekigahara-juku hiking

    This course follows the Nakasendo road from JR Kashiwabara Station, walking through three post towns: Kashiwabara-juku, Imasu-juku, and Sekigahara-juku. The Nakasendo route between these three post towns was the Tozando Road before the Edo period (1603-1867). This route is highly recommended for those who love history, as it is full of historical sites from various…