Naoto NODA (Mr.)

Hi, I’m Naoto. I was born in Ichinomiya City near Nagoya, in Aichi Prefecture, and still living here. I’ll take you around my home place!

I run my own company and I guide when I have time. So please inquire my availability.

Languages I speak

I can guide in English (licensed as tour guide), and speak broken Spanish, Nepali and a bit of French.

Tour courses: where I can take you

In addition to popular courses below, I can take you places not known to most of the tourists. Examples are Ichinomiya City, Itadori River.

Please inquire.

Popular tour courses I recommend arong Nakasendo

Popular route between Magome and Tsumago.

There are also easy walking route near Sekigahara City, a famous battle field for a war in 1600.