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  • Midono-juku – Tsumago-juku hiking

    Midono-juku – Tsumago-juku hiking

    This trekking course starts from JR Nagiso Station. At first, we visit nearby Midono-juku. And then follows the Nakasendo, and walks to Tsumago-juku. This section of Nakasendo is not very popular but it provides a very pleasant walk. Most of the old Nakasendo highway in this section is paved road. The highlights of the course After leaving JR…

  • Midono-juku – Nojiri-juku, Yogawa route hiking

    Midono-juku – Nojiri-juku, Yogawa route hiking

    The Nakasendo route from Mitsurunojuku to Nojirijuku was originally a road along the Kiso River. Since the road between these points was often blocked by landslides and other obstacles, the Yogawa route, a road over the mountains, was built as an alternative route.While the Nakasendo along the river has hardly retained its original form due…